Eligibility/Academic Standards:

Eligibility will be determined on a weekly basis. Students must be earning a passing grade in all but one class in order to be academically eligible to participate. Each Friday the eligibility will be checked by the Athletic Director and Monday will be the enforcement of the ineligibility. If a student has a failing grade in a class they must turn in a daily progress report filled out by each teacher and turned in at the end of the day to the Athletic Director. If a student is declared ineligible, failing two or more classes, the Athletic Director will contact coach, student and parent/guardian. Eligibility will be reinstated once they meet the above passing requirements. An athlete who is determined ineligible because of not meeting the set academic standards is expected to attend practices unless the coach mandates otherwise. During home games, the athlete will be required to sit with their team on the bench; however they will not dress or warm up with the team. During away contests, an athlete who is ineligible because of academic standards can only attend as a spectator, and may not travel on the team bus.