Drawing A & B

  Drawing A&B

"Do not draw what you 'know' is there, but what you can see is there." - Betty Edwards

"Drawing is the foundation of great painting." -Bettina Steinke

Drawing is the basic tool needed to create all art.  The goal of this class is to learn basic drawing techniques while exploring black and white and color media. 

Materials for success:

-11x14 or 9x12 sketchbook (preferably wire bound)

-At least 2 Ebony Design pencils or HB drawing pencils

-1 kneaded eraser

-1 mars plastic eraser or comparable white eraser

Some of the Projects Done in Drawing A:

  SchoolCenter Picture

Spheres in Composition

limited drawing

Limited Drawing

Doodle Box

Doodle Box Drawing


Graphite Pencil Portrait

pen and ink

Pen & Ink Animal Drawing

SchoolCenter Picture

   Graphite Pencil Landscape


Georgia O'keefe  style Charcoal Drawing

SchoolCenter Picture  
Mixed Media Drawing
Some of the projects done in Drawing B:

    zoom in  zoom
Zoom in.... Colored Pencil Drawing

mona parody  mona parody 2

Mona Lisa Parody
Weave Drawing

charcoal and eraser drawing

Charcoal and Eraser Drawing

Pastel Zoom

Pastel Composition Drawing

pastel portrait

Pastel Portrait

mutiple views 

 mult views

mult views 3

Multiple Views of an Object
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Useful Link: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain