Art 7/8
Art 7/8

"The creation of a work of art is like the creation of the world."- Wassily Kandinsky

Art 7/8 is a two year course that students take in both Seventh and Eighth grade. It is a 13 week trimester course.

The goal of this class is to become better artists and thinkers. You will learn methods to increase your drawing skills and explore a wide variety of media (different art materials), hopefully preparing you to choose a more specialized art course in high school. You will also keep an art sketchbook detailing your progress.

Some of the projects done in Art 7/8:

graffiti name  graffiti

Graffiti Color Wheel Name
from: The Art of Ed

Japanese Drawing

Japanese Upside Down Drawing

opitcal design

Optical Design

Julianna Kunstler

cubist still-life

Cubist Still-life

picture words  picture words

picture words  
picture words

Picture Words

contour shoe drawing

Contour Shoe Drawing

hidden picture 

Hidden pic

Hidden Picture Painting

letter  letter

Monumental Letter Drawings


Pumpkin/gourd Still-Life

Pop Art

Pop Art Repeated Image Drawings


Art 7/8 Important Links


Art 7-8 Syllabus.doc

Evaluation Sheets:

Advertise Yourself Evaluation Sheet.doc

Contour Sneaker Project- eval.doc

Cubist still-life evaluation sheet.doc

Graffiti names eval.doc

Hidden Picture Color Wheel Drawing evaluation Sheet.doc

Japanese Upside Down Drawing Eval.doc

Life Map Evaluation Sheet.doc

Optical design- eval.doc

Pumpkin Gourd Still-Life.doc