Spanish II

Ms. Scislowicz

Room 226

Spanish II

Course Description:

This course focuses on reading, writing, listening, and speaking the basic components of Spanish. We will explore the contexts of the language as well as various Spanish-speaking countries and cultures around the world.

Course Activities:

Testing will take place at the end of various units.

Vocabulary quizzes will take place after each introduction to a unit.

Homework will be assigned, on average, 3 to 4 times a week.

There will be projects and/or skits included at the end of units.

Participation is expected in all classroom activities since this is a language course.

Required materials: Realidades textbook, pen, pencil, one 3-ring binder (big enough to hold quizzes, tests, and homework.

Class Rules/ Expectations

  • Be Present: Arrive on time, attend regularly, stay awake, listen to directions, remain in your seat until the bell rings

  • Be Respectful: Listen to others and speak when appropriate, maintain an appropriate tone when speaking to me and your classmates.

  • Be Responsible: Know when assignments are due, email major assignments/papers when absent, check the website and absent work folder when you miss class, Late work will not be accepted.

  • Be Prepared: Bring required materials with you- pen/pencil, notebook, book, flash drive, etc

  • Be Accountable: Do your part during group assignments, use class time wisely when working on projects, accept responsibility for your own mistakes and learn from them, complete assignments for this class before working on homework for other classes.

  • Be Tidy: Pick up after yourself- papers, water bottles, gum wrappers, broken pens and pencils, etc.

  • Ask For Help: If you feel overwhelmed, see me! I’m here to help you learn, not ruin your grade point!

  • Be Honest: Make sure the work you turn in is your own. You are better off turning something in that is yours and getting partial credit then cheating and getting a zero.

Plagiarism: Taking credit for someone else’s work or ideas, submitting a piece of work, which in part or whole is not entirely the student’s own work without fully and accurately attributing those same portions to their correct source. In other words, do not copy someone else’s writing and try and pass it off as your own. **Google Translate and other translators (for more than looking up single words or phrases) are considered sources of plagiarism and will include the following consequence:

  • An automatic “E” for the assignment, detention, and possible consequences regarding membership in academic organizations such as NHS.

Grading Scale

A: 93-100% C+: 77-79% D-: 60-62%

A-: 90-92% C:   73-76% E:   50-59%

B+: 87-89% C-: 70-72%

B: 83-86% D+: 67-69%

B-: 80-82% D:   63-66%

Layout of the Class:

  • Diarios - Your diario is your daily work that is worth 5 points per day. At the end of two weeks, I will collect them for a total of 50 points.

  • Chapter Packets - Your chapter packets for each unit is the principal resource for vocabulary and grammar material. Make sure you DO NOT LOSE th