SRT 7/8

SRT 7/8 Syllabus

Ms. Scislowicz

Course Description:

SRT stands for Student Resource Time. The class will offer a “homeroom” type atmosphere where students will be assigned a teacher who will serve as their mentor in Junior High and beyond.  


This is a credit/no credit class.

Students will accumulate points daily based on:

  • Timeliness

  • Behavior: SILENTLY working on what needs to be completed

  • Participation

  • Preparedness: Bringing planner, study materials, pencil/pen, etc.


Be Present: Arrive on time, attend regularly, stay awake, listen to directions, remain in your seat until the bell rings

Be Respectful: Listen to others and speak when appropriate, maintain an appropriate tone when speaking to me and your classmates.

Be Responsible: Know when assignments are due, Email major assignments/papers when absent, Check the website and absent work folder when you miss class, Late work will not be accepted.

Be Prepared: Bring required materials with you- pen/pencil, notebook, book, flash drive, etc

Be Accountable: Do your part during group assignments, use class time wisely when working on projects, accept responsibility for your own mistakes and learn from them, complete assignments for this class before working on homework for other classes.

Be Tidy: Pick up after yourself- papers, water bottles, gum wrappers, broken pens and pencils, etc.

Ask For Help: If you feel overwhelmed, see me! I’m here to help you learn, not ruin your grade point!

Be Honest: Make sure the work you turn in is your own. You are better off turning something in that is yours and getting partial credit then cheating and getting a zero.

If the student chooses not to adhere to the classroom rules, the following consequences may occur:

  • 1st offense Warning

  • 2nd offense Private conference between the teacher and the student

  • 3rd offense Phone call to parent/guardian (with student present, if possible)

  • 4th offense Referral  to Mrs. Finnigan


7th/8th grades

Parents and Students:

Please read the following statement and sign below.

“I have read through the syllabus and class expectations for the 7th/8th grade SRT class.”

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