English 8

Ms. Scislowicz


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English 8

Course Description:

     This course focuses on reading and writing for various purposes, English usage and mechanics, vocabulary development, and is designed to meet all state requirements for the curriculum.  Students will read a variety of texts, including a novel, poetry, drama, essays, poems, and short stories.  Students will write essays on specified topics suitable for submission in essay contests.  Students will write a play as well as gain experience in expository, informative, and narrative writing.  

Course Activities:

  • Testing will take place at the end of various units.

  • Quizzes will take place after reading various pieces of literature.

  • Homework will be assigned, on average, 3 to 4 times a week.  

  • Participation is expected in all classroom activities.


     You will need the following materials for this class:

  • Writing utensil (black or blue ink pen or pencil).

  • Spiral bound notebook for daily journal writing.  This notebook will remain in class.

  • Three ring binder with dividers.

  • Lined paper.

  • Textbook, to remain covered at all times.

Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Fulfill curriculum requirements based on state guidelines.

  • Provide weekly feedback to students in the form of posted up-to-date grades.

  • Set clear expectations for students regarding assignments and activities.

  • Enforce a consistent discipline plan to provide a positive and safe learning environment.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Classroom participation:

    • Arrive in class with all necessary materials.

    • Begin writing in journal as soon as class begins.

    • Participate fully in all class activities.

    • Ask and answer questions in class discussions.

  • Homework:

    • Homework will be assigned, on average, three to four times a week.

    • Complete all assignments on time.  Late work will not be accepted.

    • After the bell has rung, students may not leave the room to get assignments from lockers or the office. Assignments are due at the beginning of the hour.  Anything after last call is considered late.  

    • Follow directions regarding format for assignments.

  • Place all completed assignments in the appropriate IN Box at the beginning of the hour on the day they are due.

  • Attendance:

    • Arrive in class on time.

    • School policy guidelines will be followed for the amount of time provided for students to complete work assigned when absent.

  • Discipline Issues:

    • Respect other people and their property.

    • Behave appropriately when a substitute teacher is in charge of the classroom.  If a student’s name is reported for inappropriate or disruptive behavior by a substitute teacher, the student will minimally receive an automatic detention.   

    • Do not plagiarize (Definition: To use and pass off the ideas or writings of another as one’s own) the work of another.  Plagiarized work will receive no credit.  

    • Do not cheat.  Homework, tests, and quizzes submitted with identical or coincidentally similar answers will receive no credit.

    • No food or drink is allowed in class.

  • Journals:

    • Journals are to be completed within the first five minutes of class.  Answer the question on the board or choose a free day.  Write at least half a page.  Date all entries.  Keep journals on the back bookshelf.  If journals are not on the bookshelf when class journals are graded, it will not be accepted.  If a student needs to take a journal home to make up missed entries due to absences, etc., permission must be granted from the teacher first.

  • Binders:

    • Binders should hold all printed materials received in class as well as completed homework assignments.  Binders should have three divided and labeled sections: Notes/Worksheets, Tests/Quizzes, and Homework.  A table of contents for each section and labeled page numbers should be present.  Page numbers should align with the table of contents for each section.  Binders will be collected a minimum of one time per semester.

  • Extra credit: Teacher will let students know when extra credit opportunities are available.


     The following school wide grading scale will be used:

     100-93% = A                       76-73% = C

     92-90% = A-                       72-70% = C-

     89-87% = B+                       69-67% = D+    

     86-83% = B                         66-63% = D

     82-80% = B-                        62-60% = D-

     79-77% = C+                   59-0  % = E

              Semester grade components:

                       Marking period 1= 40%

                       Marking period 2= 40%

                       Exam= 20%

Ms. Scislowicz’s

Classroom Policies

Class Expectations:

·   Be Present: Arrive on time, attend regularly, stay awake, listen to directions, remain in your seat until the bell rings

·   Be Respectful: Listen to others and speak when appropriate, maintain an appropriate tone when speaking to me and your classmates.

·   Be Responsible: Know when assignments are due, Email major assignments/papers when absent, Check the website and absent work folder when you miss class, Late work will not be accepted.

·   Be Prepared: Bring required materials with you- pen/pencil, notebook, book, flash drive, etc.

·   Be Accountable: Do your part during group assignments, use class time wisely when working on projects, accept responsibility for your own mistakes and learn from them, complete assignments for this class before working on homework for other classes.

·   Be Tidy: Pick up after yourself- papers, water bottles, gum wrappers, broken pens and pencils, etc.

·   Ask For Help: If you feel overwhelmed, see me! I’m here to help you learn, not ruin your grade point!

·   Be Honest: Make sure the work you turn in is your own. You are better off turning something in that is yours and getting partial credit then cheating and getting a zero.

·   All Cardinal guide rules will be in effect at all times.


·   1st time: Warning

·   2nd time: 15 minutes detention, call home

·   3rd time: 30 minutes detention, call home, and student sent to office

·   Incidents will be documented on a weekly basis.  Weeks start on Monday.  All detentions will be held on Friday, before or after school, at the teacher’s discretion.

·   You are expected to participate in class.  This includes answering questions, providing comments and suggestions, and cooperating with classmates, as well as participation in daily activities.  Participation points may be included in your grade at the teacher’s discretion.

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I agree that I have reviewed the syllabus and will follow the classroom policies and expectations to the best of my ability.  This agreement is to be returned to Ms. Scislowicz with my signature and my parent/guardian(s) signature by Friday, February 5th, 2016 and will be considered an assignment grade.

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Student’s Signature                        Date

I have discussed the syllabus, expectations, and consequences with my student.

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