This week, all classes are participating in the National Hour of Code. Coding is basically another word for programming. Students learned that for each button or icon they click on a computer, there are lines of code written by a programmer to tell the computer what to do when those buttons or icons are clicked.

Click here to go to the website to read more about it, or watch the video at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to continue coding at home, here are the links to the tutorials that each grade level is/was working on in class:


1/2 Classes:


3/4 Classes: 

Angry Birds

5th and 6th grades: 

Flappy Bird
and if 5th or 6th graders want to go one step beyond Flappy, try bitsbox:

If you have completed all the levels in your current code tutorial and would like to try different ones, click:

With parent permission, you can even register and track your progress!

Happy Coding everyone! Laptop.png  :)