Assessments/Grading Policy

Assessments in class are not formal; however, class work, quizzes, projects, and participation are still important.

  • Students will have an opportunity to evaluate some of their own work for immediate feedback.  Much emphasis will be placed on discovering strengths and working on weaknesses.
  • Students are expected to participate by discussing thoughts and ideas in small and whole group discussions, asking questions, making connections, and taking notes in upper elementary.
  • Attendance is extremely important.  Much of class is based on discussion, class participation and hands-on activities.  Being absent makes it difficult for students who have not participated.

What successful student behavior looks like during:

Teacher-Directed Instruction

Conversation:  None, Voice Level 0
Help:  Students should raise hand at the end of the instructions
Activity:  Students can display understanding by raising hands to answer questions
Movement:  Students should remain in their seats during instruction except for bathroom emergencies
Participation:  Students should be sitting up in seats and looking at me

What successful student behavior looks like during:

Independent Work Time

Conversation:  Yes, library voice
Help:  Ask neighbor, then raise your hand
Activity:  Students can display understanding by completing the tasks as directed
Movement:  Students should remain ins their seats except for bathroom emergencies
Participation:  Students should be sitting in seats and talking only to get help or when helping.