School Supplies

School Supplies

Useful Information and Tips for Studying


Math and Science Materials ~  When it comes to completing homework or reviewing for quizzes and tests, knowing what materials are available to your child can be very helpful.  For math questions, students can refer to their Student Reference Book (hardcover), their Math Journal (soft cover workbook), their spiral math notebook that they use to record notes and examples in class, and previous assignments (Study Link worksheets or other review pages).  Students also have a math folder that they will use for papers they are required to save.  They have been told that they do not have to keep every single math assignment from the current unit.  It is up to them to decide whether they want to keep their previous assignments to use for reviewing.


For science, each student has a science folder that contains activity and journal pages for the current unit.  Students will also keep their notes, review sheets, and all handouts from the current unit in the pockets of these folders.  Students have been told to save all of these items until we are finished with the unit.  At that point, they may discard any of those papers.  Unlike with math, students are encouraged to save all of their papers from the current science unit, so they can use them to review for quizzes and tests.  Students will need three folders(w/ clasps) for science class, one for each unit of study. 


Students will always receive a review sheet, called a Practice Quiz or Practice Test, prior to all math and science quizzes and tests.  Copies of these review sheets, as well as other practice pages, can be found in the Review Sheets tab.


We also recommend that students have a homework folder that they can use to transport their daily homework for all subjects to and from school.  It is much easier to keep track of than keeping each homework assignment in a separate subject area folder.


Agenda Books (Student Planners) ~ Just a few reminders...  Agendas should be signed by a parent/guardian each night.  If a student does not get his agenda book signed for 3 days, a detention will be assigned.  If a student does not turn in an assignment, it will be highlighed yellow in the agenda book to notify parents.  Students are not allowed to tear pages out of their agenda books or highlight in them. 


Some common abbreviations that are used in the agenda books and on student assignments include:


HW ~ homework

IC ~ in class work

WS ~ worksheet

S.L. ~ Study Link (math worksheet)

Ch. ~ chapter

Sp. ~ spelling

Ab. ~ absent

IN or INC. ~ Incomplete

LHC ~ late homework coupon

S.S. ~ social studies
L.A. ~ language arts

Click the attachment below for a printable version of the school supply list.