Suggested Supplies
Suggested Supplies

Grade 3

Suggested Supply List


With the exception of the pencils, your child’s name should be on each item requested.

  • Requested:  6 folders w/ three prongs:

    • RED PLASTIC w/ three prongs

    • YELLOW PLASTIC w/ three prongs

    • BLUE PLASTIC w/ three prongs

    • GREEN PLASTIC w/ three prongs

    • The remaining two can be folders of their choice as long as they are not red, yellow, green, or blue.

  • Composition notebook

  • Dry-erase markers

  • Sharpie marker (fine point)

  • Scissors

  • Yellow and pink highlighters

  • Several sharpened pencils (No. 2 yellow pencils, not pencils with pictures as they don’t sharpen well or easily) or mechanical pencils (If mechanical pencils become a distraction, student will be required to use regular pencils.)

  • Fine tip set of markers

  • Colored pencils

  • Glue sticks

  • A zip pencil pouch or box to keep supplies in


  • Pencil sharpener with reservoir to catch trimmings (not battery operated)

  • A few boxes of tissues

Classroom donations that would be appreciated:

  • Quart-size and sandwich-size storage bags

  • Additional pencils

  • Glue sticks

  • Highlighters

  • Dry Erase markers

  • Clorox Wipes

Note: The usefulness of a binder seems to vary from student to student, so we do not require that students have one.

Pros: Organized students can carry most everything they need in a binder.

Cons: If students try to put every single school supply in their binder, it can be quite heavy for them.  Zippers break easily if the binder is overfilled.  They don’t always easily fit into lockers and desks.  If students are not organized, they just have more room to shove their papers.  A stack of folders may serve them better.