High-Frequency Word List
K-2 High-Frequency Word List

Kindergarten Words
am at be can go is me my see the to up we and do got had has he his in on it like look come did for get have here him of play said she will you a black blue brown green I orange pink purple red white yellow 

1st Grade Words
all down her new saw they this was went what when where with day give out over then want were your
about an as but came could from not one so some stop them there eat eight fly going help once open please put run soon thank think walk away by find five four let live nine 1 st our say seven six three well

2nd Grade Words
are big if no on that after ask each how its more now other than time very would yes any around don’t every good into just know right take too call fast jump make old or pretty their two again how may must off people which who why work write also always because been before best buy does first these through found gave goes made many pull read sing sit sleep tell those upon us use wash