Vision Statement

Dryden Community Schools envisions itself as a learning community which address the educational needs of a diverse student population. The district will strive to be focused on the success of all with the help of teachers, parents, professional staff and stakeholders within the community. We also envision a district in which students are constantly challenged and provided the educational and extra-curricular opportunities to succeed in an ever changing society. Furthermore, we will continuously strive to ensure student success and improvement both socially and academically throughout their educational careers at Dryden.

Mission Statement

Dryden Community Schools, in partnership with the community, is dedicated to the encouragement of personal responsibility, consistent academic improvement, respect for self and others, and an appreciation for life-long learning to prepare our students to enter a diverse and ever-changing world.

Beliefs Statement

Dryden Community Schools holds the following beliefs:
  • All students are capable of high achievement and can be successful.
  • All students should be valued as individuals and as contributing members of collaborative teams.
  • Our schools are a critical component to the fabric of our community and we will work with stakeholders to strive toward positive outcomes for all.
  • Maintaining a safe and structured school environment will ensure the opportunity for all to excel.
  • Constant evaluation of programs, curriculum, instruction and student data will result in continuous improvement.

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