Ms. Brinker- Math
Welcome back! My name is Ms. Loraine Brinker. 

I will be teaching Algebra II, Pre-calculus and Calculus, and World History. I am also the Robotics Coach.

ALL math classes:
You will need a binder (at least 1 1/2 inch), lined paper (or a notebook if you prefer), tab dividers (at least 5) and a pencil or pen.  

If you have your own calculator, you may use it. Otherwise, I have a classroom set of 30 TI-84 plus calculators to use in my classroom ONLY. You will not have access to them outside of my room, and the sooner you invest in such a calculator, the longer you will use it. They haven't changed much in 25 years, so it's a good investment, especially if you intend to go to college and take a math class. 

Also, if you have a device of your own (iPad, laptop, Chromebook) please bring it to class with you. Much of our content will be in Google Classroom and the book is available online. We will be using such devices regularly in my classroom. 

For World History, you will need at least a notebook and a folder to store handouts, and a writing utensil of course. If you prefer a binder, that may be easier, but that is your choice. The World History book is entirely online, so if you have a device (see above) that would be helpful.