Recorder Karate Students


All students will begin the year with recorders.  We will continue to use the series Recorder Karate this year.  As students master each new song, they will be given a bead to place on a ring attached to the music folder I provide them.  Students are responsible for having their instruments and folders for every music class.

Thanks to Dryden’s always amazing PTA, all third grade students will be provided with their own recorder.  Any third or fourth grade students whose recorder is lost or damaged will have the option to either use one from class set (which will be cleaned after every class), purchase a new one from Mrs. Rever-Oberle at a cost of $2.00, or purchase one from an alternate source.   Anyone who forgets their recorder on the day of class will be provided one from the class set to prevent the student from falling behind.

Once students have mastered their black belt on recorder, they’ll have the opportunity at something new this year!  Recorder Masters will get to play various class instruments such as glockenspiels, Orff instruments, Boomwhackers, and even hand drums!  They will continue to earn beads for their ring as they show mastery of songs on each of these instruments.

All testing for beads will be done in class.  Students will also be able to test at recess or come in for extra help and practice.

Please encourage your student to practice and seek help when needed.  Playing instruments should be FUN, but it can be very frustrating and unenjoyable for a student who is struggling.