Dryden Beginning Band

"Even the expert was once a beginner."

The 5th Grade Rental Meeting will be held at 6PM on September 10 in the Dryden Elementary Library. 

5th Grade Band meets every Tuesday and Friday.  Please help your student remember their instrument for class!  It's a lot more enjoyable to play in band than sit with nothing!  

If your student is ever in need of supplies (reed, book, valve oil, etc), our representative from Herter Music Center visits every Thursday.  If items are ordered by Tuesday afternoon, we'll have them in time for band that week.

We use the Standards of Excellence Book 1 throughout the school year.  Tests and assignments are given from this book.  It is extremely important that your student has their own copy.

Check out this website for help with fingerings and note names!

If your student needs extra help, I am available at recess on Mondays and Fridays.