Dryden Elementary Staff and Webpages
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Dryden Staff



Office Staff

Great Start

Mrs. Karen Roys

Mrs. Heather Knuth(810)-448-4002


Mrs. Vanessa Campbell





1st & 2nd Grade



Mrs. Susan Raymer



1st Grade-

Mrs. Lynette Unruh

2nd Grade 
Mrs. Amanda Merrill


3rd & 4th Grade

5th & 6th Grade


3rd Grade-
Ms. Kim Hudson

Mrs. Tracy Maday

4th Grade




5th Grade-
Mrs. Kyrie Howell 

6th Grade-
Mrs. Janelle Monroe Colmer

6th Grade-
Ms. Christi Sobek



Special Education

Speech Pathologist

Mrs. Kaitlynn Klann


Mrs. Melissa Margrif

Ms. Pamela Haddad

Ms. Beth Highley


Mary Toward




Cardinal Club

Mrs. Darlene Embree

Mrs. Kelly Dunnigan


Kim Hulker 

Mrs. Ginger Pocius