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Dryden Elementary is a Multi-Age school.  Our program consists of traditional Kindergarten, Fifth, and Sixth grade classrooms.  However, we combine our First & Second grades, as well as, our Third & Fourth grade classrooms together. Our belief in educational research indicating the potential for increased academic and social/emotional benefits for students in Multi-Age classrooms translates into targeting instruction to a student's ability level as much as possible.

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Dryden Elementary School is committed to providing each of our students the educational foundation that will enable them to become independent and productive adults.  Our vision of a quality education includes the importance of a strong parent and school relationship, learning to use technology ethically, and developing strong skills, academic and social, in a safe and bully-free environment.  

Dryden Elementary is a K-6 building with a multi-age philosophy.  We've combined our 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th grade levels together allowing our teachers the opportunities to maximize lessons designed at a student's instructional level (rather than grade level only) as much as possible.  In addition to the core subject areas our students are also instructed in PE, Art, Music/Band, and Technology classes. 

Our district has invested heavily in technology for all of our classrooms that include: interactive whiteboards, document cameras, projectors, and an iPad cart.  Our building houses a 30+ station computer lab, library and wireless Internet throughout the building.  Technology is an important component in all curricular areas that help us develop important 21st Century Skills at all grade levels.

We have developed a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) model intervention program to help all of our students succeed.  As part of the program, all of our students are monitored on a regular basis to determine if they are achieving at appropriate levels. We are able to assist students struggling with reading using programs specifically designed to improve reading fluency and comprehension.  Additionally, we are increasing math interventions that include additional assistance and web-based programming.

We also have a tuition-based Preschool and a GSRP Preschool for qualifying families. Our Latchkey (Cardinal Club) operates before and after school to provide child care for working parents. We pride ourselves in the care and attention that we are able to provide our families.

We are able to provide our students with a variety of academic enrichment programs that have included Lego Robotics, Geocaching, March is Reading Month activities, basketball, volleyball and cheerleading camps.  Our PTA is very active and is just one way that parents are encouraged to volunteer their time in our building.  We have parents that donate their time in classrooms and with our Reading Buddies Program.  We believe that a strong home and school partnership is an essential part of successfully educating our students.

Dryden Elementary is committed to providing the best educational experience possible.  Our goal of continuous improvement means that we constantly monitor and revise programs to ensure the success of every student.